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    Celada Architect Associates / A world of perspectives //

    Celada Architect Associates was founded in 2002 bringing together the expertise and skills of architect Gianni Celada with those of his daughter, Marta, and his son, Guido.
    Their father competence, gained after working in the world of design for over fifty years, together with the dynamic and contemporary vision of his daughter and son, ensure a top-quality approach to design.

    About Us

    The interdisciplinary and diversified experiences of the team members allow Celada Architect Associates to take on projects at different intervention scales (from design to town planning) and the different aspects of design (from ex-novo architecture, to the restructuring and restoration of monuments) ensuring the highest level of quality.
    One of the peculiar features of our way of working is to personally follow the project, constantly and timely, from conception to on-site realization, strongly believing that detail is one of the key aspects to achieve the highest quality results.
    When necessary, the firm relies on external collaborations and, above all, on an established network of specialized consultants (facilities, plants, viability / road construction, economy, landscape, graphics and illuminating engineering). One part of the firm also works as a General Contractor on behalf of Archosrl for the realization of projects in the health care (CDI Italian Diagnostic Center) and in the commercial sectors (Castaner, Guess, Polo Ralf Lauren…).

    Who We Are

    gianni celada architetto

    Gianni Celada


    Gianni Celada, graduated in 1961, from 1986 Professor of Architectural Composition at the Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, (formerly Leonardo, presently Bovisa), has always combined his teaching activity with his profession at different scales of the project intervention, from City Planning to Design (Art Director for Fontana Arte, 1970-1980).

    Marta Celada Architetto

    Marta Celada


    Marta Celada, graduated in 1994 with a degree in restoration, and then obtained a regional scholarship for a one-year experience on monumental restoration projects; after working for two years for D.G.E.M.N., in Lisboa, she has been Teaching Assistant in for several years in Restoration at the 1st Faculty of Architecture, Leonardo, Politecnico di Milano.


    Guido Celada Architetto

    Guido Celada


    Guido Celada, graduated in 1997 with a degree in Architectural and Urban Design (title of dissertation: “Designing in Samarcanda”), had various study experiences abroad (Madrid, Bruxelles and Samarcanda), participated in design seminars in Spain, Belgium, Uzbekistan and Kossovo, from 1998 to 2003 he worked for different architecture firms (M&P, Garedella, Rota). Until 2010 he worked as a Professor of Architectural Design 1-2-3 at the 1st Faculty of Architecture (Leonardo da Vinci), Politecnico di Milano.


    Quebo // The project

    A new line of furniture is born. It’s characterized by strength, purity, rigor and precision combined with a functional view, where matter, in its primitive state, holds the stage. This is the dominant trait of a “cultured” collection citing rationalism and inspired by the expressive power of artists such as Jorge Oteiza and Donald Judd to create pieces characterized by being unique, handmade, made to last, to evolve and suit the life of the house and follows its evolution.
    Solid geometry, capable of surprising with its essence, driven by games of perspectives, by mobile elements and by contrasting texture creating a dialogue between fire and earth, cold and heat.
    In a word: Quebo.


    Quebo products are made using only 2 materials:
    Texdoga solid Slavonian oak
    20-25 mm thick whole-stave solid wood laminated panel. It combines flexibility of use with durability and workability, making it a reliable, long-lasting product.
    Natural black S235 Italian steel
    The folded and welded steel sheet offers a natural appearance and, in some cases, shows some degree of oxidation depending on exposure to atmospheric agents, a transformation that can be stabilized by applying a water-based varnish.

    Tips / Three key points //

    1 / The methodolocical approach

    Architecture is the discipline aimed at organizing space at any scale, but mainly the space where human beings live.It’s primarily created to meet human biological needs such as protection from the elements and dangers of the natural environment.The house is in fact the den, the refuge, the place where we feel safe.Inevitably it starts looking like us. Just as well.However, often the desire to concentrate in a defined space our history, our habits and our tastes creates a messy set of ideas that makes spaceshardto read and use.A good architecture is often the result of ethical, and aesthetic values, but above of an“anthropological”study.That’s why the architect does not intervene to impose a style or a way of living spaces but to process and interpret the client’s “wishes”creating a home able to tell one’s story, and in which one can recognize oneself, but at the same time, being filtered by the designer culture, it should be both current, rational and functional.

    2 / The economic issue

    After purchasing of a property you are almost always going to facesome restructuring which consists at least in making systems compliant with legal standards, painting and furniture.You often contact a trusted company and we rely on our taste and their own experience in the choice of furniture, lighting, finishes, etc.The result will certainly be acceptable but probably “standard”.This won’t add of anything more than what has been spentto its value.Alternatively, you can recruit a professional in the field, preferably an architect, and that might result advantageous.The architect, in fact, tailoring the project to the needs of the client according to the criteria referred to above, will allow him/her, besides saving the most of the work to transform a“furnished two-room apartment” into a“living place” characterized by rationality and comfort, and at the same glamour, personality and lifestyle culture.This will make it much more attractive on the market both when selling and in case of renting.Result: resorting to an architect has greatly increased the economic value of customer’s investment, beyond the costs incurred, including the design costs.

    3 / Services provided by Celada Architect Associated

    When dealing with the purchase and renovation of one’s home the emotional implications are many.Different moods come into play: excitement for the big step, confusion due to the many ideas that you would like to see realized, fear of failure and not being able to predict the costs, anxiety about following all the steps.With the support of an architect, the customer will make the most of professional advice from the choice of theproperty until full work implementation, be it a building or a property.The architect, in fact, will meet the client and find out his/her tastes and needs and will share his /her design philosophy and technical knowledge aimed at achieving a quality result.


    // Milano Aperitivo di Primavera
    | 7/06/2016 - ore 18:30 // via Cesare da Sesto, 11
    invito fuorisalone Quebo Design 2015
    // Milano Quebo Design Cocktail
    | 18/04/2016 - ore 19:00 // Via Federico Confalonieri, 36
    // Milano Colè al Fuorisalone
    | 12/04/2016 - ore 10:00 // via Cesare da Sesto, 11



    Phone: +39 02 5831 8145
    Mobile: +39 0347 3567890

    Where to find us

    20122 Milan, Italy


    A first meeting is not binding for anyone. It will just help clarify doubts, fully examine the problems, to get to know each other, to establish human contact and a relationship of trust, which is essential to start an effective collaboration between two parties.
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